Small Wonders

Small Wonders is a series of constructed still life images and text made during the pandemic of 2020-2022. It is the product of countless hours of home confinement. My mind, suddenly unoccupied by the distractions of normal life, was newly free to wonder about the world and my place within it.

Housebound with little to do, I turned inward, to contemplate, to ponder. These photographs became a visual diary of my revolving emotional state, little tabletop metaphors for anger, depression and boredom.

As time wore on, I came to appreciate unexpected gifts that came my way. Long forgotten childhood memories shared with my sister during virtual visits. The time to consider my mother’s poetry, which in turn inspired me to write my own free verse. I marveled at science, nature and the wisdom of philosophers.

Creating these photographs became a sort of therapy, a place where my shifting thoughts and emotions could take form, allowing me to view them from a distance. Two years into this plague, I have learned to adapt to a different way of living and to appreciate the small often overlooked wonders of life.

Original creative artwork. All rights reserved – No derivative works can be used, published, distributed, or sold without written permission of the owner.